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Blaster Helper


Do you have a love for the outdoors and desire to travel to travel the Western United States?Aggregate Resource Drilling, LLC is seeking blaster helpers to join our team. This is an entry level laborer position that opens up training opportunities for equipment operator and blaster in charge positions within the company. 


  • $14/hr regular wage, $21/hr overtime
  • $12/hr travel time wage, $18/hr travel overtime
  • Unlimited overtime when work is available
  • Full benefit package


  • Minimum age 18
  • Valid drivers license with a driving record that includes no more than 3 moving violations and/or chargeable accidents in the last 3 years and no DUIIs.
  • Travel is a required part of this position.  Employer provides transportation from headquarters in Springfield.
  • Employer submits candidates to a background check through the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to screen felony records as appropriate in compliance with federal government restrictions
  • Employer will administer a drug test and pre-employment physical.  For safety reasons, employer drug policy is zero tolerance, including marijuana use.


  • Assists Blaster(s) in Charge in placing and detonating explosives used to loosen earth and rock
  • Carries explosive bags, cartridges, powder, stemming material and other supplies to blasting area and deposits in previously drilled holes as directed.
  • Places, with shovel or by hand, earth, aggregate or drill cuttings (“stemming”) into holes after placement of charge and tamps earth to confine detonation.
  • Connects explosive cord to blasting cap and lead wire to firing device.
  • Fires charge on signal from Blaster in Charge.
  • General job site clean-up.
  • Fills in for Driller Helper position as needed
  • Performs any or all other duties as necessary to satisfy job requirements.


  • Health Insurance - 100% of employee premiums are paid by employer
  • Vision Insurance - 100% of employee premiums are paid by employer
  • Dental Insurance - 25% of employee premiums are paid by employer
  • 401k - up to 4% employer match of 401k. (100% of 0-3% employee contribution, 50% of 3-5% employee contribution).  Employee contributions are immediately 100% vested.
  • Paid Time Off - 40 hours of annual PTO (1 hour per 30 hours worked), available for use after 90 days. 
  • Prevailing Wage Fringe to 401k - On prevailing wage jobs, 100% of fringe (after health insurance) is paid as pre-tax wages to 401k.  "Fringe" is the difference between the employee's regular wage and the total State/Federal Base+Fringe amount.  
  • Unlimited overtime if work is available.  "Shop days" are available for non-blast days where Blast Helpers can help grind drill bits, sweep shop floors, and assist with equipment maintenance.