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Blast Hole Driller

Aggregate Resource Drilling, LLC is seeking blast hole drillers to join our team.  ARD operates a fleet of 25 rock drills, including the newest Caterpillar MD5150, Reedrill SD345s, Reedrill SCH 300 and SCH 5000 SCH5000C, Cubex QXR 1120,  Drilltech D25KS, and Ingersol Rand ECM 360/370.  Borehole diameters range from 2.5 inches up to 6.75 inches, and drill hole depths range from several feet up to 145 feet deep.


  • $16-$25/hr depending on experience
  • Unlimited Overtime when work is available
  • Full benefit package, including company truck, iPhone, hotel & meals


  • Minimum age 18
  • Valid drivers license with a driving record that includes no more than 3 moving violations and/or chargeable accidents in the last 3 years and no DUIIs.
  • Travel is a required part of the job.  Employer provides transportation from headquarters in Springfield
  • Because drillers occasionally assist with blasting operations, employer submits candidates to a background check through the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to screen felony records as appropriate in compliance with federal government restrictions
  • Employer will administer a drug test and pre-employment physical.  For safety reasons, employer drug policy is zero tolerance, including marijuana use


  • Health Insurance - 100% of employee premiums are paid by employer
  • Vision Insurance - 100% of employee premiums are paid by employer
  • Dental Insurance - 25% of employee premiums are paid by employer
  • 401k - up to 4% employer match of 401k (100% of 0-3% employee contribution, 50% of 3-5% employee contribution). Employee contributions are immediately vested.
  • Prevailing Wage Fringe to 401k - On prevailing wage jobs, 100% of fringe (after health insurance) is paid as pre-tax wages to 401k.  "Fringe" is the difference between the employee's regular wage and the total State/Federal Base+Fringe amount.  
  • Paid Time Off - 40 hours of annual PTO (1 hour per 30 hours worked), available for use after 90 days
  • Company Pickup - Drillers are issued a company truck for transportation between home and work and between jobs.  
  • Company-Paid Hotel - When working on jobs requiring more than 1.5 hours one-way travel time, the company arranges and pays 100 percent of hotel rooms and provides up to $20/day allowance for food to be charged on the company credit card.  
  • Paid travel-time - except portal-to-portal, travel time is paid.
  • iPad - Each Driller is issued a company iPad to complete digital drill logs
  • iPhone 5 - Each Driller is issued a company iPhone. 
  • Fuel Card & Credit Card - Drillers are issued fuel cards and credit cards to charge company expenses
  • Unlimited overtime if work is available