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We are seeking a Groundskeeper to join our team. This position is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the company's landscapes and buildings. 


  • Depends on experience

  • Full benefit package


  • Valid Oregon driver's license with a driving record that includes no more than 3 moving violations and/or chargeable accidents in the last 3 years and no DUIIs.

  • At least 1 year of experience performing landscape/grounds maintenance.

  • We will administer a pre-employment drug test and physical. For safety reasons, we have a zero tolerance drug policy, including marijuana use.


  • Performs grounds keeping and building maintenance duties

  • Mows, edges and fertilizes lawns

  • Weeds and mulches landscapes

  • Trims hedges, shrubs and small trees

  • Removes dead, damaged and unwanted trees

  • Plants flower, trees and shrubs

  • Waters lawns, landscapes and gardens

  • Maintains landscape irrigation systems, including repairing or replacing of sprinkler heads, valves, and lines

  • Assists with general property repairs and/or installations

  • Replaces filter fabric on catch basins.

  • Operates and maintains ground maintenance equipment

  • Performs pest control

  • Cuts down tree limbs as needed or facilities crews to remove limbs.

  • Performs touch up painting

  • Winterizes equipment/buildings.

  • Removes snow and ice from building walkways, steps, parking lots, and roofs.

  • Performs leaf removal.

  • Other projects as necessary to ensure the grounds and buildings are properly cared for.

The company will provide the equipment needed to perform this position. 


  • Health Insurance - We offer health insurance at a cost of $20/month for the employee portion of the basic plan. We also cover 50% of the buy-up cost for two plans that have lower deductibles.

  • Vision Insurance - We pay 100% of employee premiums

  • Dental Insurance - We pay 25% of employee premiums

  • Teledoc- We offer Teledoc, which is a convenient option for employees to seek medical care. Using TeleDoc, you can call or Facetime a doctor to be treated for cold and flu symptoms, respiratory infection, sinus problems and more. This service is provided as a free benefit with no co-pays or medical office fees.

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)- Employees are given the option to contribute a portion of their earnings, pre-tax, into a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). They can use the funds contributed to their account to pay for qualified medical or dependent care expenses that are not covered by insurance.

  • 401k - We match 100% of the first 3% of your salary that you contribute, and 50% of the amount that exceeds 3%, up to 5% of your annual earnings. In addition, ARI may make a profit-sharing contribution to your account at the end of the plan year.

  • Prevailing Wage Fringe to 401k - On prevailing wage jobs, 100% of fringe (after health insurance) is paid as pre-tax wages into the employee's 401k. "Fringe" is the difference between the employee's regular wage and the total State/Federal Base+Fringe amount.

  • Paid Time Off - We offer 40 hours of annual paid time off (PTO) that is available for use after 90 days of employment. For every full year of service at ARI, employees' PTO accrual increases by 8 hours.

  • Paid Holidays

  • Fuel Card & Credit Card - We will provide a company credit card to make purchases as necessary for the maintenance of the grounds and buildings.

  • Overtime if work is available.