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REMOTE CONTROL DOZER:  ARI is the first company in the Western United States to implement Caterpillar's D8T "Command for Dozing" technology in a rock quarry application.  ARI was hand selected by Caterpillar to partner in the testing and development of this innovative technology, which gets the operator out of the cab and out of harm's way.  The operator is stationed away from the dozer, and is instead equipped with an over-the-shoulder operator console for line-of-sight remote-control operation.  This incredible technology allows mine sites to safely push material that would otherwise have been abandoned, and move it to the production zone without exposing the operator to highwall hazards and other mine safety concerns.  

Remote D8T 4.jpg

HOE RAM:  For projects where drilling & blasting may not be permitted, ARI's fleet includes alternative rock breaking methods, such as an excavator-mounted hydra-hammer (hoe-ram), which can break rocks to a size that is efficient for the rock crushing operation.