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ARI performs rock drilling services in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, California, Nevada, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

ARI has 31 rock drills available to service nearly any size of rock drilling project.  For high-production quarries, and for pre-drilling applications such as, solar pile foundation drilling, ARI can drill up to a 10 inch diameter hole.  For smaller quarries, and tighter spaces, ARI has smaller drills that can drill as small as a 2.5 inch diameter hole. ARI drillers are MSHA Part 48 and MSHA Part 46 trained, and can drill in surface mines of all types and sizes.  


ARI has several large diameter (up to 10 inch hole diameter) rock drills that are available to support your high-production rock quarry needs and your solar pile foundation drilling projects.


If your project has challenging access restrictions, ARI is known for its innovation in completing difficult projects safely and timely.



If your project is on a tight timeline that requires high production, our fleet can be quickly mobilized with a team of drillers to help you complete your project on time.

NAICS 213115 - Support activities for nonmetallic minerals (except fuels) mining

  • Blasting services, nonmetallic minerals mining (except fuels) on a contract basis

  • Boring test holes for nonmetallic minerals mining (except fuels) on a contract basis

  • Drilling services for nonmetallic mineral (except fuels) mining on a contract basis

  • Exploration services for nonmetallic minerals (except geophysical surveying and mapping) on a contract basis

  • Mine development for nonmetallic minerals mining (except fuels) on a contract basis

  • Nonmetallic minerals mining support services (e.g., blasting) on a contract basis

  • Prospect and test drilling services for nonmetallic mineral mining (except fuels) on a contract basis

  • Test drilling for nonmetallic minerals mining (except fuel) on a contract basis

NAICS 238910 - Site Preparation Contractors

  • Blasting, Construction site

  • Blasting for trenching

  • Blasting for utilities

  • Blasting for foundation excavation

  • Drilling for pile installation